What's with the bunny ears?

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Posted on June 23 2017

Well this story starts before my oldest was born. When my husband and I announced to our family that we were pregnant, a dear aunt of mine sent the baby a gift. It was a plush and adorable bunny. Unfortunately, just days after announcing we were pregnant, my aunt, who was like a second mother to me, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Even in light of her diagnosis, her attitude was uplifting and inspiring. She brought the family closer together allowing us to have peace and celebrate her life rather than focus on our heartbreak. My aunt Polly died just one month after my daughter was born, never having met her. But this story doesn’t end in sadness. 

As fate would have it, the bunny Polly gave to my daughter became her prized possession. She took “Big Bunny” everywhere.  She loved Big Bunny so much, she wanted it to have a friend, "Little Bunny." It warmed my heart to see that my daughter had a piece of my aunt with her by her side.

Virginia Ann with Big Bunny (right) and Little Bunny (left).

So when it came time to develop the brand of Dry Baby, there was no doubt in my mind that bunny ears would be our signature logo. It represents not only my daughter, who is the inspiration behind this company, but my aunt as well—a woman whose spirit inspires me daily, and a woman I will never forget.

Mary Progers "Polly" Brown Williams (1951-2012)

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