Care and Use

 Don't stress about those stains, they'll come right out in the wash!


Dry Baby’s signature water, stain, and odor repellent fabric is truly one of kind. And as such, we want to make sure that you have the best experience with our clothing possible.

Here are some helpful tips for using and taking care of your Dry Baby clothing.

Keeping your baby dry:

  • Any standing liquid on the garment should be immediately wicked away in a quick motion or gently absorbed with a towel.
  • If you do not have a towel handy and the cotton becomes saturated, don’t worry! We recommend wiping the the surface of the garment to help accelerate the drying process.
  • Remember, our cotton dries 40% faster than any other cotton on the market!
Cleaning your Dry Baby clothes:
  • The great news is that Dry Baby apparel is stain repellent! Cleaning never became easier for your baby clothes. Much of what your baby eats or spills will wipe away. If there should be a residual stain, it should come out in the wash.
  • There are some pesky limitations to our technology as Dry Baby apparel is not oil repellent. What this means is that food such as spaghetti sauce or mustard will leave a stain. 
  • You can pre treat oil based spills such as spaghetti sauce as you would typically. However, you will want to stay away from bleach. Bleach will cancel out our awesome functionality.
  • Our garments love heat, so be sure to throw those shirts, rompers, and pants in the dryer! The heat helps recharge the repellency of the clothes.