What Our Customers Are Saying



April 23, 2018

“This is a first time Mom and I loved the idea of this product. The options were great as well. I am re-ordering for another Mom. Thank you.” — Victoria


April 11, 2018

“All white. Gives me butterflies. BUT I have a boy and that being said he can’t ever wear a white outfit more than once because I can’t get the stains out for the life of me. Dry Baby has SAVED us and he can eat anything and everything and it goes into the washer and comes out brand new. It’s literally water, stain and odor repellent.– Mya


April 4, 2018

“You might be already starting to hear about this mess repellent clothing as it circulates the parenting blogs. My only complaint is that now I wish all of our clothes (and furniture and rugs) could repel food, liquid, stains, and odors like this (Including mine). I 100% recommend this stuff for anyone with a baby in their life!" – Natalie


March 29, 2018

“Your clothes have changed our life!! Thank you!! We can’t wait to order more bibs and clothing. We met you at the DC baby expo and she wears the onesie you gave us allll the time. Thank you for making this, from one exhausted reflux mama 🙏” – Kelly


March 13, 2018

“Alice is still learning how to drink from a sippy, or she just likes to spit out all the water to be funny. Either way, this gifted romper from Dry Baby is amazing at keeping her dry. It wicks away the water so I don’t have to change her 7 times a day. Such an awesome #momhack, right?” – Jess


March 9, 2018

"Obsessed with this Dry Baby bib 🐰” –Kerry


March 3, 2018

"I love my Dry Baby clothing!!” – Ania


February 10, 2018

Excellent customer service. From the moment I placed my order, there was continuous communication with updates. I received the order quickly and it was packaged so nicely. The sweetest design, and the quality looks and feels amazing. This is a gift for my grandchild, so we will be testing it out shortly, as well as how it washes. They were so kind and placed an additional item (baby blanket) in the package as a thank you for my order. I am so impressed with my purchase and highly recommend for a unique baby gift! Can't wait to see my grandson wearing this outfit, as it is absolutely adorable! Now will have a dry baby too!!”  – Fran


February 6, 2018

“LOVE how Lucas can wear white all day and that even after eating and playing he still looks crisp and clean thanks to @mydrybaby amazing water, stain and odor repellent clothing!! 🙌 💙💙 Thanks @mydrybaby for keeping him looking fresh and clean!!  #MomApproved” – Ania


February 2, 2018

“I love that our little Roxy girl is climbing up 🌴🌴 already! Thank you so much Dry Baby for gifting us her little outfit!! It takes a seriously special kind of fabric to keep her clean and dry after outdoor fun like this and this jumper did really great!” – Mal


January 3, 2018

“Can you tell Lachlan had broccoli and chicken? Nope! Obsessed with Dry Baby onesie and pants! They are stain, odor, and water resistant. You need some in your life!” – Michelle


December 15, 2017

“How cute is this outfit from Dry Baby?! Their jumpsuits, bodysuits, rompers, bibs and pants are water, stain and odor repellent! That means spills clean up easier and the cotton dries 40% faster than other cotton on the market! 🙌 Win-Win!” – Kim


December 8, 2017

“Great fit, super snaps, and lunch rolled right off! We love It! Thank you, Dry Baby!” – Celeste